Orijen & Acana Dog Food

Feed The Difference with Orijen & Acana Dog Food

Orijen & Acana Dog Food – Our Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN® premium pet foods are made with high-quality fresh and raw ingredients. Our fresh ingredients use refrigeration as the sole method of preservation, and our raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness.

Our dog and cat foods are inspired by your pet’s ancestral diet, including WholePrey animal ingredients like meat, poultry or fish, organs and bone. Premium ingredients like protein-rich meat, free-run poultry, and wild-caught and/or sustainably farmed fish mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of animal ingredients that dogs and cats have evolved to eat. When it comes to free-run poultry, our free-run chickens and turkeys are not housed in cages and are able to move in a barn without outdoor access.

Orijen & Acana Dog Food recipes are made with the most nutrient-dense, succulent parts of the prey and are ideal for dogs of all ages, including puppies, adult dogs, and seniors. ORIJEN premium cat foods are packed with animal protein and include diets specially formulated for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats. Packed with quality animal ingredients, ORIJEN pet foods are beyond comparison, and ORIJEN food for dogs was voted the best dog food by Business Insider Magazine in 2021.

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