Natural Dog Food

Holistic, Natural, and Healthy Dog Food!

For the BEST natural dog food follow your instincts. You’re here because you love your pet. You do everything you can to ensure a long, happy life for your favorite family member. Be sure to check out our selection of RAW foods!

Brands We Carry:

Other Brands Available to order:

  • The Honest Kitchen
  • Open Farm Dog Food
  • Ziwi Peak
  • Lotus Dog Food
  • Tucker’s Freeze Dried
  • Tiki Pets Dog Food
  • Boss Dog Pet Food
  • Dave’s Dog Food
  • Nutrisca
  • Sportmix
  • FirstMate
  • Earth Animal Dog Food
  • Holistic Select
  • Eagle Pack
  • Wellness Complete / CORE
  • Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals
  • Grandma Lucy’s
  • Green JuJu
  • Hound & Gatos
  • KOHA
  • Nature’s Logic
  • Natural Balance
  • NULO
  • Bixbi RAWBLE / Liberty
  • PRIMAL Raw / Freeze Dried
  • Stella & Chewy’s
  • Steve’s Real Food
  • Sojos
  • SmallBatch Freeze-Dried
  • VetDiet
  • Essence Dog Food
  • Inception Dog Food
  • Purina
  • Pro-Plan

Wilbus the Mini-Pig

This is Wilbus the pig. He will stand in for dog pictures because i’ve run out of my own pictures to use, and I’d rather not cover this website with stock images. Wilbus lives here at the store, and while he is for sale, we do enjoy his presence here very much, and don’t mind keeping him around. His grunts echo through the isles as he greets his new people friends. He loves meeting new people so come by anytime to visit little Wilbus.

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