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We have all of the dog supplies that you need to get started and enhance your dog parenting experience! From toys and treats, to cleanup and grooming, we’ve got you covered. Click the subjects below to get an idea of what we carry. This is only a brief introduction of everything that we stock. If you have any questions, or would like to order anything specific, don’t hesitate to call! 717-361-8300

Fun playing activities. Woohoo! 

We have a huge toy wall with all of the big brands that you love like KONG, SPOT, JW, Mammoth, Benebone, Nylabone, Tall Tails, and MORE! Make sure your dog is occupied with leather dog toys, plush, rubber, tug, rope, bottle, and even puzzle toys to keep his brain firing at maximum potential!

Status: Perma bulk

The trick to keeping your own sanity is proper training, and the key to a dogs heart is treats! Treats aren’t a bad thing as long as they aren’t filled with garbage like sugar, filler ingredients, and artificial flavors. Sticking with human grade ingredients and freeze dried meat based dog treats help ensure that you’re fueling your activity with healthy, safe, and delicious sources for your best friend. From crunchy dog treats to raw bones…Here are a few of the brands that we support: Greenies, Cloud Star, Fruitables, Old Mother Hubbard, Bocce’s Plato

Don’t run from me.

There’s nothing worse than your dog slipping his collar or harness on a busy street. Avoiding cheaply made harnesses with poor quality tightening mechanisms is the solution to this issue. Spending a few extra dollars could save your dogs life, and why not turn heads in the process with the hottest in dog fashion! We carry Lupine, BOSS DOG, Petsafe, Alcott and MORE!

Lets clean you up.

Dark days await for the dirty dog, and his human companion.  It’s important carefully choose which shampoos you use when you do decide to finally bathe (your dog). Harsh ingredients found in many mainstream products can exacerbate allergies in dogs. Itchy, dry skin can result from using these inferior products can be one of the first warnings that something is wrong.

I want you around for a while.

Helping supplement what nutrients your dog may not be getting form their diet can be helpful in promoting health and avoiding the vet. As dogs get older supplements like glucosamine can aid in maintaining joint health. We also carry calming supplements that contain ingredients like CBD and melatonin to aid in relaxation so you and your dog can get that essential full nights rest. We carry Multivitamins, Probiotics, Fish Oil,  Digestive Enzymes, Tear Stain Removers, Goats Milk, and more.

Safety first

Cuddle me…. Crate Beds, Slipper Beds, Soft Donut Beds, Fleece Pouf Beds, Loungers from brands like:


Tall Tails




I look at every day with you as a gift. 

Accidents happen, just make sure that the scent of your house doesn’t reflect it…  Urine can be tough to get out of carpets and bedding but we have effective products that can make this potentially disheartening journey WAY easier. Skout’s Honor and Nature’s Miracle both contain enzymes that break down the odor causing elements of urine to make cleanup a breeze!


Advantage, Frontline, Petlock Max, Seresto Collars, + Natural Tick and flea protection from earth animal, tropiclean, vets best, and more!

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