Royal Canin cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food - Nourish their health. Enrich their life

Royal Canin is targeted nutrition made for those lovably lazy housecats to live a long, magnificent life. Moderate calorie levels help maintain an ideal weight. Optimal fibers provide hairball control. Highly digestible proteins support digestive health and decrease the amount of waste in their litter box. And because dental tartar affects several adult cats, the unique dry cat kibble encourages chewing to help reduce dental and tartar buildup. Top off their bowl with your cat’s favorite Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Wet Cat Food for a texture that pleases even the finickiest eater.

Food allergies can cause digestive upsets and skin issues in cats. To help your cat avoid harmful foreign substances and support their recovery, a vet may recommend a change in diet.

Protein sources like duck, rabbit, and venison are typically uncommon in cat food. This means cats are less likely to have been exposed to them and so the chances of a cat developing a food allergy are reduced. 

However, protein sources that were previously uncommon are now being found in more diets. This makes finding a novel protein, one that the cat has not been exposed to, much harder. Some of the novel protein sources also compete with the human food chain, making them increasingly difficult to source in a sustainable manner.  At Royal Canin, we offer a choice of novel and hydrolyzed protein diets, in wet and dry options in our veterinary exclusive Dermatology range. 

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