Annamaet cat Food


     Annamaet Cat Food – Our ‘original’ canine formulas are made with low ash chicken, salmon, or lamb and healthy whole grains. These products contain chelated minerals and optimum levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to help support the immune system.

     Annamaet’s line of grain free feline formulas have helped many cats dealing with ear, skin and coat issues as well as chronic digestive problems.  Our Annamaet Lean formula was designed to help with canine weight struggles.           

   Annamaet also produces Kitty Companion treats, a healthy grain-free treat, to accompany our grain free formulas. Annamaet has three different feline formulas designed for all stages of your cat’s life.  As with our canine formulas, we use chelated minerals to increase their utilization and support the immune system.  Our feline formulas contain  cranberries to support urinary tract health. Annamaet also has a line of 3 supplements to address specific canine needs.    All supplements are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council.
     If you have an adult cat in your family or a furry sidekick with a slowing metabolism, then Annamaet Original Adult Formula Cat Dog Food just may be the paw-fect choice! This recipe is crafted with super premium ingredients, including chicken and brown rice and is completely free from corn, wheat and soy. The chelated minerals in this cat dog food help support your pup’s immune system and optimize mineral absorption, while L-carnitine helps support improved fat utilization to help her maintain lean muscle mass.

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