Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food
Not all pet foods are the same

The Merrick dog food story began over 30 years ago. Our main goal was, and always has been, to make the best pet food possible. We use premium ingredients from real, whole foods for superior nutrition and delicious taste. We’re all about staying true to our roots and staying put in our original Hereford, Texas, kitchen—the one where Garth Merrick started our company and where we still hand craft recipes today.

When you want the best for your pets, you want to know that the food you’re giving them has been developed by pet nutrition experts. That’s why we have an experienced team of veterinarians, animal nutritionists, scientists and chemists, as well as specialists in food production, quality, and safety.

Our experts work together to formulate, review, analyze, and approve each Merrick diet to ensure we are crafting the highest-quality and safest food and treats for our dogs and cats.

Merrick is also backed by the nutritional pioneers in the pet food industry. As a Nestlé Purina PetCare business unit, we have access to unparalleled research, experience and resources. Their team of more than 500 nutritionists, veterinarians, behaviorists and researchers around the world are always working to discover nutritional breakthroughs to help advance the lives of pets and help ensure we are delivering high quality, safe nutrition you can rely on for your dog or cat.

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