Nutrisource Dog Food

Nutrisource Dog Food
A Family Like No Other

Nutrisource Dog Food – Our story starts in a tree. When Darrell Nelson (our founder) was a boy, he suffered a fall from a tree that would have sent most young kids to the doctor. Instead, he brushed himself off and kept right on playing earning him the nickname “Tuffy”. The name stuck, and in 1964, Darrell and his son Kenny started Tuffy’s Pet Foods. Now Kenny’s son Charlie is at the helm, working side by side with generations of other Perham families.

Nutrisource exemplifies the heart of Perham and small towns everywhere: compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices. Being family owned means we  make decisions based on what’s best for our employees, our community and our ultimate customers—family pets!

When you travel through the region, we hope you will stop and learn what makes Perham, MN unique. Charlie Nelson would tell you it is the community of families, working side by side, for generations, dedicated to producing pet foods for the long term health of family pets that sets Nutrisource apart.

Browse our website. Learn about our pet food formulas. Discover what makes us a trusted producer of healthy pet foods for over 50 year

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