Vital Essentials Frozen Raw cat Food

You’ve discovered the world’s finest frozen and freeze-dried raw pet food, snacks, and treats

Follow your instincts. You’re here because you love your pet. You do everything you can to ensure a long, happy life for your favorite family member (we won’t tell Aunt Peg she’s finishing a distant second). Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Cat Food

Perhaps you’re thinking about what you’re feeding your dog or cat. Could you be choosing better? Maybe you’ve even heard about how raw pet food can help solve certain pet problems, provide more energy, and help your pet be healthier.

Welcome to family-owned Vital Essentials®, a raw pet food leader. More than that, we’re a leader in healthy pet food. Our products help transform your dog’s or cat’s health, are made with locally sourced ingredients.  Are your instincts telling you to read on? BE HEALTHY!

Give your Cat a taste of the wild with Vital Essentials Beef Patties Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food. This Cat food is made from pure, raw beef, providing all of the benefits of a raw diet in a convenient patty. Each delicious patty is made with a 48-hour slow freeze-drying method to lock in the great natural flavor and paw-some freshness. You can serve it as-is, or re-hydrate with some warm water––either way, your cat will love the meaty taste! Plus, this all-natural food is free of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, flavoring and rendered by-products––only the best for your furbaby!

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